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rec by Michal Ureš

Long grill that stretches from one side of the display window to the other one manifests the social situation of human multitudes. The long wheel is rotating slowly as social transformations are happening. It is traditional narrative of different cultures where the values are evaluated, codified, standardized and publicly explained and where high expectations of the future of current society are present.

Dlouhé grilovací břevno protíná výstavní vitrínu z jedné strany na stranu druhou a manifestuje společenskou situaci společenské masy. Dlouhé kolo pomaluje rotuje, paralelně probíhají společenské proměny. Je to tradiční popis, představení, symbol odlišných kultur, které své hodnoty předefinovávají, kodifikují, standardizují, normalizují a zveřejňují. Velká společenská očekávání se vytváří.

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interview in Czech lang

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Magic Carpets Flash Art edition

link http://magiccarpets.eu/flash-art/

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Peter Demek

profile steel, asphalt tape

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1968-1970 CZ

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25.4. – 10.6.2018

The House of the Lords of Kunštát, Brno, Czechia

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8 April 2019 opening

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nongkran panmongkol works

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7 Sep 2018 – 13 Sep 2018

Gallery Laboratory http://www.galerijnilaborator.cz/

The scope of this cooperative work sees both artists are engaging with the symptoms of contemporary society. It is some sort of radical imagined landscape of our general/global world.

They investigate our modern social atmosphere, which is often uncontrollable. But to a certain extent this atmosphere can be predictable and susceptible to manipulation. Their work manifests ground/basic models and simplification. These are elementary – minimalist sculptural/multimedia installations where they test contemporary social and political situations.

Both artists have worked together for about one decade and are also involved in a curatorial program between Sweden and Czechia.



7. září 2018 – 13. září 2018

Galerijní Laboratoř http://www.galerijnilaborator.cz/

Během této autorské spolupráce se oba umělci věnují problematice současné společnosti. Jo to druh radikální vizuality našeho všedního/globalizovaného světa.

Autoři dělají průzkum společenské atmosféry, která je běžně nekontrolovatelná. Společenskou atmosféru můžeme do jisté míry předpovídat nebo ji i manipulovat. Jejich tvorba směřuje k základním modelům a zjednodušením. Jsou jimi minimalistické sochařské/multimediální instalace, kde si ověřují současné společenské a politické situace.

Oba umělci již spolupracují deset let, součástí jejich spolupráce je i kurátorský program mezi Švédskem a Českem.

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/decentralised identity /identifying centres /hranicar

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Alice  Máselniková and Lexa Peroutka invites you to our curatorial project’s outcome in Umeå!



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The association ‘The Image Of Time’ welcomes all of you to see art installation of Alexander Peroutka: UNITY/JEDNOTA.

Alexander Peroutka (1975) is a Czech visual artist, sculptor, art curator and art critic. He studied at FUUD of UJEP university in Usti nad Labem. He was a guest a student at SUNY Cortland (USA). Then he attended Monumental Studio at AVU in Prague (prof. Aleš Veselý). He was also an exchange and a guest student at Royal University College of Fine Arts in Stockholm (Kungl. Konsthögskolan). There he attended Monumental Studio of prof. Apolonija Šušterčič. In 2011 he successfully defended his doctorand theses (Information and Identity; Critical Art, its limits and possibilities) at FAVU of VUT in Brno.

The work of Peroutka is highly influenced by his personal attitudes. His diploma work injected into his work easy access and movement throughout his specific focus. His interest is in general social instability and temporarity and direct interaction with these conditions. It expects to be part of these concrete social situations, these rapid social changes and economical mechanisms. It expects him to be an active participant in these specific social environments and their activities.

His work went through natural adjustments throughout the years. He started as a sculptor, he experimented with kinetic objects and then he moved into more contemporary expression. There he uses more complicated technical elements or installations that have temporary character. But he is also applying some traditional sculptural forms. Dominant is his monumental approach that he has never left abandoned.

For the ‘Landscape’ thematic focus of Deska Gallery he is in line with above mentioned practices. Landscape in his approach is transformed into social structure, this immaterial subject is going to materialized with the use of everyday elements. In this concrete situation it is also going to have its subversive side.


Karel Konopka

before installation in public /sculpture symposium /Most /Brux /Czechia


/The New Humanism /Lexa Peroutka /Berlínskej model /Prague /2016

  Free To Choose


  Of No Avail


  The Package

‘Post-Trauma’ at Avoid Floating Gallery /2016


Men At Work /Henrik Ekesiöö

Employees are tight to the job, their usefulness for the business is fully exploited. Working time is perfectly divided and planned for the maximum of the profit. Every spare moment is effectively used. If they can be in charge of some of the working time they revitalize their brains and bodies and the work can be concluded with higher effectiveness and better results. In one building material supply store in Stockholm the team of workers is using spare time to exercise their graphic skills in highly democratic manner. They vote on the theme and rotate each one’s responsibility. Each week the subject changes and the results are surprising and overcoming our low expectations.


The Farm /Nongkran Panmongkol

What is the European Union for the people of Europe themselves? What is the real information they gain and from where it comes? From the government or the media? While joining the Union from different perspective of life and from different economical backgrounds it is hard to agree on anything. The rich are here to share with the poor. EU budget. To vote in and out of the Union. Everything seems ironical in a very serious way.


A Pedestal /Jan Stolín

We always expect visual art in concrete space and environmental setting. Ourselves we try to limit art to fit our ideas and interpretation of the world. This way we often kill its ability to open new area of discussion and its main structural element that gives it importance and actuality. But art is essentially subversive and it fights our rigid conceptions and gains its own space in our lived environment. Pedestal is the whole system with its own function – it doesn’t have to support any other concept, material or a thing.


Reality Touch /Lexa Peroutka

We are materialist, we have and do not have certain things. We are related and disconnected through the material part of our life. With the help of material we wage the wars and create relationships. Without material background we are nonexistent. None. Nichts. Ingen. Zero. Exclusive champagne sets things right into the right perspective – but if the conflict appears all is upside down – and our fragile part is hitting the hard ground.

Per Forma _ Inercult Stockholm _ 8th Dec 2016 (curated by Alice Máselníková)

‘Per Forma’ is a two–day event exploring the relationship between contemporary performance art, theatre and their audiences.
It takes place on December 8, 2pm at Intercult Studio and December 9, 7pm at Fylkingen, Stockholm.

How do we perceive performance in the age of constantly commodified performativity?
The ephemeral nature of performance and theatre has been facing numerous existential challenges, where the focus lies on simplified, readily accessible pleasures and where institutional structures are being shaped according to political and economic agendas.

Transition and identity is the theme these events center around. Who is an actor, a performer, a spectator in a performance today and what dynamics and possibilities of transformation does the relationship between those offer? Are these firlmy institutionalised, untraversable roles or can it be transitioned and developed in response to current context?


Day 1
Thursday December 8:th, 2 pm – 6.30 pm + informal reception
Venue: Intercult Studio (Nytorgsgatan 15A, Södermalm, Stockholm)

Invited speakers include practitioners from theatre, performance art and interdisciplinary sectors. In short 30 minute blocks, the speakers will present their practices and professional experience. The session will continue with a panel discussion and finish with a performance by Ukrainian artist Maria Kulikovska.

2.00 Introduction by Alice Maselnikova
2.20 Anders Paulin (SE)
2.50 Sergey Samodov (RU)
3.20 Maria Kulikovska (UA)
4.00 Alexander Peroutka (CZ)
4.30 Fia-Stina Sandlund (SE)
5.00 Gustav Broms (SE)
5.45 Panel Discussion: Joakim Stampe, Teater7, Anna Korbašová/Ezra Benus.
Moderated by Chris Torch & Alice Maselnikova
6.30 Performance by Maria Kulikovska

Followed by an informal reception

Day 2
Friday December 9, 7-10 pm and then till late ***sparkling afterparty with DJ Kaosart***
Venue: Fylkingen (Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, Södermalm, entrance from Münchenbryggeriet)
Performing: Teater 7: Ola Wallinder/Amanda Jalmberger (Director: Peter Bark), Joakim Stampe, Ezra Benus & Anna Korbašová.

3 performances in one night ! All created around the theme of transition& identity in performative acts, as approached from three different angles. It is a one-evening musing upon similarities and differences in the processes of creation, audience interaction and performativity.

19.00 Introduction
19.15 Anna Korbašová/Ezra Benus (SK/US)
20.00 Teater7: Ola Wallinder/Amanda Jalmberger (Director: Peter Bark) (SE)
20.45 Joakim Stampe (SE)

Plus the evening continues with a live party hosted by the amazing DJ Kaosart!

Per Forma is curated by Alice Maselnikova as part of a degree project within Curating Art, International Master’s Programme at Stockholm University. The project is presented in collaboration with Europa Direkt Intercult and Fylkingen Studios.


Intercult Stockholm

/The New Humanism /Berlínskej model /Prague

The New Humanism /Berlinsky model
























The New Humanism

openning 19:00 – 23:00, 13.7.2016, Berlínskej model, Pplk. Sochora 9, 170 00 Prague

Lexa Peroutka

sound performance Romano Krzych (FR/CZ) and http://rkz1.blogspot.cz/

The unity of any sort is becoming obsolete or at least temporary and it is often just an opportunistic choice. We do recognize fluidity of the reality and the world order and we adjust our everyday life to this new environment. It is technically some kind of living on the edge. We do learn that even the truth is relative to the environment and is based on specific conditions that allow its appearance. New world order has many poles and corners and it demands new type of ethics. But after realizing all that we can use (and throw away), this new ethics doesn’t seem to be new at all. Old ways of hierarchy, rivalry, class, conflicts and priorities find the way through our new world. Then what is humanism in the end? The edge that we accept and live with.

FB https://www.facebook.com/events/142267946197569/

Nový humanizmus

vernisáž 19:00 – 23:00, 13.7.2016, Berlínskej model, Pplk. Sochora 9, 170 00 Praha

Lexa Peroutka

zvuková performance Romano Krzych (FR/CZ) a http://rkz1.blogspot.cz/

Jakákoliv jednota se stává zastaralou nebo spíše dočasnou a je často jen oportunistickou volbou. Rozpoznali jsme těkavost reality a světového řádu a přizpůsobujeme náš všední život tomuto novému prostředí, které je prakticky jen druhem bytí na hraně. Chápeme, že I pravda se vztahuje k prostředí a je opodstatněná konkrétními podmínkami, které ji umožňují se zviditelnit. Nový světový řád má mnoho pólů a koutů a vyžaduje nová etická pravidla. Ale při vědomí si všeho, co máme k dispozici (a zárověň k vyhození), tato nová pravidla se vůbec nejeví jako nová. Zastaralé druhy hierarchií, soupeření, tříd, konfliktů a předností nalézají nové cesty v našem novém světě. Co je tedy nakonec humanizmem? Hrana, kterou akceptujeme, a se kterou žijeme.

FB https://www.facebook.com/events/142267946197569/

/Post-Trauma /Henrik Ekesiöö & Nongkran Panmongkol & Jan Stolín & Lexa Peroutka /Avoid Floating Gallery /Prague


openning 19:00, 7.7.2016, Avoid Floating Gallery, Náplavka, 128 00 Prague 2

Henrik Ekesiöö (SE), Nongkran Panmongkol (SE/TH), Jan Stolín (CZ), Lexa Peroutka (CZ/SE)

sound performance by Romano Krzych (FR/CZ) and http://rkz1.blogspot.cz/

Post-Trauma is a collective exhibition of artists from Stockholm and from Czechia. In this context, traumas are meant to be sudden social changes that have great influence on cooperation and communication, as well as defining our living space – the space that we identify ourselves with, and the space that we feel connected to. The individual artists involved are working with three-dimensional and multimedia materials. Their work is an attempt to define the space/room on the basis of its material and/or social quality. Because each artist has a different vision of the space and they are occupying different geopolitical spaces, their work is the “documentation” of a struggle for the concrete space.


Supported by


/Isolation /Lexa Peroutka, Petr Stolín, Jan Stolín /Punk in Architecture /Regional Gallery in Liberec

/Isolation /Punk in Architecture

/Unlimited Growth /Nongkran Panmongkol /DADS Gallery /Liberec

“Unlimited Growth”

Everyday we consume more than we necessarily need. It is embedded in our consciousness, we accept it, it is drive of our life. It is its fulfillment. Consumption is necessary part of functioning economy. I am investigating ground principles of the market/capital and peoples’ manipulation within the market environment. I translate the results of my investigation into new visual and functional forms where I apply my personal conclusions and critique.

„Nekonečný růst“

Naše spotřeba přesahuje naši každodenní potřebu. Jsme si toho plně vědomi. Konzumace je motorem našeho života – jeho smyslem – jeho naplněním. Je součástí fungující ekonomiky. Zkoumám základní principy trhu/kapitálu a překládám je donových vizuálních a funkčních forem, kde používám moje osobní shrnutí a kritiku.

/Unlimited Growth /Nongkran Panmongkol

/Unlimited Growth /Nongkran Panmongkol

/Kamil Nábělek : Angažované umění zpovídá mlčenlivou švédskost /review

Czech review of “A New Sweden” in DADS Gallery (Liberec) by Kamil Nábělek >>>


/A New Sweden /photos by Oskar Stolín

/Tady a teď /2005

Tady a teď

tady a ted


to buy at http://bookstore.artmap.cz/cs/2928-tady-a-ted-alexander-peroutka-.html

/A New Sweden /opening in DADS Gallery /25 Nov 2015

Swedish mosque in Liberec/Reichenberg

/A New Sweden /Victor Marx & Mikael Tofvesson /DADS Gallery /Liberec /Inv

A New Sweden /invitation

Victor Marx (1983) is visual artist and architect who lives and works in Stockholm. He works with contemporary social themes that he incorporates into his urban interventions/projects. Scale of his work is somewhere between architectural forms and more sculptural forms with elements of performance, social interaction and participation.

His work goes over several fields of cultural/art production – his main focus is on social and urban solutions within the context of Sweden. But his themes have much broader importance, rather global – changes of current social fabric, multicultural identity, art and cultural activities within economically defined environment and their independence, DIY architecture and architecture in the margins, regeneration of unused public spaces, renewal of local social interaction etc.

Victor Marx’s work is frequently mentioned in Swedish media because of its connection to ongoing heated public debate about Sweden’s future and future of public/street art.

Victor was one the founders of Cyklopen independent culture house of which he is architect as well.

Cyklopen has gained its firm position in Stockholm’s contemporary cultural/art scene because of its community oriented approach and distancing from traditional and official cultural/art institutions that are having its limitations when being organized on hierarchical and bureaucratic base. Cyklopen is situated in the part of Stockholm where different cultures meet (Eastern European, Middle Eastern…) and where future Sweden is just taking shape.

Work if Victor Marx was currently documented by Martina Iverus for the new art program ARTityd (Swedish TV 1).

Mikael Tofvesson (1983) is visual artist working in the city of Stockholm. He is commited to street art for a long time and he uses street art related expressions and techniques – graphic, illustration, 3D animation… He was also taking part in Cyklopen independent culture house project and he is a member of street art collective (its name is hidden) together with Victor Marx and others. Micke does not prefer to use his real name – strong anonymity has ethical and practical use for street art artists but this time we meet him under his civil name.


/A Lecture by Victor Marx in Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague /26 Nov 2015 /6 pm

Victor Marx (1983) is visual artist and architect who lives and works in Stockholm. He works with contemporary social themes that he incorporates into his urban interventions/projects. The scale of his work is somewhere between architectural and more sculptural forms using elements of performance, social interaction and participation.

His work transcends several fields of cultural/art production with main focus on social and urban solutions in Swedish context. However, his themes have a much broader character and more of a global importance, dealing with topics such as changes of current social fabric, multicultural identity, art and cultural activities within economically defined environment and their independence, DIY architecture and architecture in the margins, regeneration of unused public spaces, or renewal of local social interaction etc.

Victor Marx’s work is frequently mentioned in Swedish media because of its connection to ongoing heated public debate on Sweden’s future and future of public/street art.

Victor was one the founders of Cyklopen, an independent culture house in Stockholm, of which he was also the architect. Cyklopen gained its firm position in Stockholm’s contemporary cultural/art scene for its community oriented approach and differentiation away from the traditional and official cultural/art institutions, often limited by their hierarchical and bureaucratic nature and rigid organizational methods. Cyklopen is situated in Stockholm suburbs, the melting-and-meeting pot of various cultures (Eastern European, Middle Eastern…) where future Sweden is just taking shape.

Work of Victor Marx is currently documented by Martina Iverus for the new art program ARTityd (Swedish TV 1).



event in GJF (Prague)

Accommodation Tower (2008, under Liljeholmen Bridge, Stockholm)

Ubytovací věž (2008)

Vitrin Gallery (2008, Masmo subway station, Stockholm)

Galerie Vitrína (2008)

Cyklopen Independent Culture House no.2 (2013, Högdalen, Stockholm)

kulturní dům Cyklopen č.2 (2013)

/Generic Failure at DADS Gallery in Liberec /Nov 2015

photos by Oskar Stolín

Generic Failure #1

Generic Failure #2

Generic Failure #3 sm

/Generic Failure in DADS Gallery in Reichenberg /Liberec /5 Nov 2015

Lexa Peroutka in DADS

/Victor Marx & Mikael Tofvesson (in Czech)

Victor Marx (1983) je vizuální umělec a architekt, který působí ve Stockholmu a pracuje se současnými společenskými tématy, které interpretuje svými urbanistickými intervencemi/projekty. Jeho práce kulminuje mezi architektonickými objekty a více sochařskými formami s aspekty performance, společenské interakce a participace. Jeho práce překlenuje několik oborů a žánrů – hlavní důraz klade na řešení společenského tématu v kontextu současného Švédska. Tato témata mají globální charakter – proměna současných společenských vazeb, multikulturní identita, umělecká a kulturní činnost v čistě ekonomicky definovaném prostředí a její nezávislost, architektura svépomocí a architektura na okraji – regenerace nevyužitého veřejného prostoru a obnovení lokálních společenských vazeb.

Práce Victora Marxe se několikrát objevila v popředí veřejné debaty (v médiích) ve Švédsku. Victor je iniciátorem a architektem nezávislého kulturního domu Cyklopen ve stockholmské čtvrti Högdalen, která je ovlivněna silnou vlnou imigrace z Východní Evropy a Předního Východu. Jeho práce je mapována v dokumentu švédské televize SVT1 v novém programu o současném umění – ARTityd (film Martiny Iverus).


Mikael Tofvesson (1983) je vizuální umělec působící rovněž ve Stockholmu, který se dlouhodobě věnuje street art a příbuzným technikám uměleckého projevu – grafika, ilustrace, 3D animace… S Victorem Marxem se podílel na realizaci nezávislého kulturního domu Cyklopen a je členem street art kolektivu (jméno je skryté), kterého je Victor Marx rovněž členem. Z etických a praktických důvodů prostředí street art upřednostňuje anonymitu autora. Mikke tak pod svým pravým jménem vystupuje vlastně poprvé v kontextu vizuálního umění.

/Pals Play Tag! Part Two: Czechia-Sweden /update

libani komplet

Pals Play Tag! Part Two: Czechia-Sweden

Date: 31 Oct 2015 18:00-24:00

Place: Fylkingen, Stockholm

Adress: Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, Stockholm

Multinational performance art evening at Fylkingen!

A collaborative exchange project between PALS-performance art links from Stockholm and Ferdinand Baumann Gallery from Prague. This is a first attempt to connect these two distant performance art scenes. Both participating art organizations have several years of history and they represent the young emerging performance art scene in their own domestic and international context. Their first exchange took place during “Hunger“ performance festival from 22 to 23 May in Prague this year. The second stage in Stockholm is part of a series of new international exchanges of performance art organized by PALS with other art initiatives abroad (a previous event was held at Fylkingen this year; Pals Play Tag Part One: Poland-Sweden).

Participating artists:

Milan Kohout (Prague)

Barbora Šimková (Prague)

Vladimír Turner (Prague)

Karíma Al-Mukhtarová (Prague)

Darina Alster (Prague)

Gaby Billa-Günther (Berlin)

Louise Dahl-Lindvall (Stockholm)

Henrik Ekesiöö (Stockholm)

Nongkran Pangmogkol (Stockholm)

Curators: Erik Wijkström, Darina Alster, Alexander Peroutka

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/620080731465852

Prtesented by:

Ferdinand Baumann Gallery

PALS – Performance art links



The Czech Center Stockholm


pals and cc

/A New Sweden/ opening/ Victor Marx and Mikael Tovfesson in DADS – Die Aktualität des Schönen… in Liberec /25 Nov 2015

Die Aktualität des Schönen…

Marx arkitektur AB

26 Nov 2015/ a lecture by Victor Marx at Jaroslav Fragner Gallery in Prague

/Fylkingen /31 Oct 2015

Coming soon!!

Pals from Stockholm (www.palsfestival.se) and Ferdinand Baumann Gallery in Prague (www.fbgallery.cz) with the help of The Czech Center Stockholm (http://stockholm.czechcentres.cz/) organize Czech-Swedish performance event at Fylkingen in Stockholm (www.fylkingen.se).

Czech participation:

Milan Kohout
(www.mobius.org/milan-kohout), (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjX5QDx97uF0M6Q3gSvGYAg),
(Radical Jesters, 2008)

Vladimír Turner

Barbora Šimková

Karíma Al-Mukhtarová

Darina Alster

Gaby Billa-Günther (Berlin)

Swedish participation:

Louise Dahl-Lindvall

Henrik Ekesiöö


Nongkran Panmogkol

(www.flickr.com/photos/candylandgallery/albums/72157631045117120), (FBGallery/2011/EU-Beef)


Curators: Erik Wijkström, Darina Alster, Lexa Peroutka

/Hunger /Hlad Performance Festival in Prague /Inv /22 May-23 May 2015

Hunger / Hlad Poster


Swedish participation /23 May 2015/

For approximately a year, I have contemplated the idea of bridging two distant and unconnected art performance scenes – scenes that are primarily disconnected for geographical and chronological reasons. The Hunger festival in Prague is the first here to establish communication and exchange between such scenes. Both are of a smaller size and play their roles within the broader fine art scene based on their geographical spheres of influence. The performance scene in Stockholm is now represented by several contemporary art performance venues (Live Action in Gothenburg, Palsfestival in Stockholm and Friktioner International Performance Art Festival in Uppsala), with all having started pretty recently. Palsfestival in Stockholm was formed in 2012 and is our primary partner.

Performance depends on many environmental, social, economical and political aspect of the place where it is applied – so the differences between the scenes can be as much as the difference of the entire social and cultural fabric that each society is built from – so I like to mention geo-body (hammered down by Thongchai Winichakul) – the entirety of the elements that form contemporary country boundaries.

… Unless There Is a Scandal  (45min)

(Collective presentation/talk – Success Story, Scandal and What Is Left – Contemporary Art in Stockholm – Nongkran Panmongkol, Erik Wijkström, Henrik Ekesiöö, Alexander Peroutka)

Erik Wijkström

Please Feed Artist  (90min)

This performance is concrete realization of a situation in which we usually function – that is we operate throughout our existence within given frames that are often created by other people. Our survival is based on cooperation.

Henrik Ekesiöö

Fantasies of a 10 Year Old  (20min)

Henrik Ekesiöö is performing what a 10 year old boy said he would do to him. The threats were made like a game, a game made to shock the opponent, and if there is no reaction you have to come up with something more brutal. Reality and its upper layers has shifted, it seems the real world is not far from our dreams.

Nongkran Panmongkol

Cleaning Job  (10min)

Hunger in developed society is consumption. If you are hungry or not you will always be a consumer. In parts of the world things are produced, and in other parts things are consumed. The origin of consumables can be traced and then we can complete the picture of the world we are living in.

Romano Krzych  (30min)

The real ethnic French cultural underground is represented by Romano Krzych, who appears to have been living in Prague for several years. His performances use the disturbing language of noise in a very clear, radical and almost harming way.

“Nowadays even the idea of real-life results from a subtraction. Same for appetite: so much to eat and such a lake of hungriness. Misery is a threat but discipline of poverty let open a door. Consequently I try to cultivate some healthy disappointment.”



Jeseniova 60, Prague 3

on Sat 23 May 2015

19.00 – 20.20 Erik Wijkström
19.10 – 19.25 Nongkran Panmongkol
19.30 – 19.50 Henrik Ekesiöö
19.55 – 20.15 Romano Krzych
20.20 – 21.00 …Unless There is a Scandal – collective presentation/discussion – contemporary art in Stockholm


hunger performance festival /fb event





rkz1.blogspot.cz /rogomichkin.blogspot.cz

klinika autonomous social center


/works in the Dowd Gallery collection /SUNY Cortland /USA


Material Removal, 1999

Connector, 1999

Given New Order, 1999

/so the book is out!!

Rudolf-Valenta-Rekonstruktion-The-Karte        Cover and Graphic © Design Michal Chodanič, 2014

Title: Rudolf Valenta. Rekonstruktion
Sborník textů a dokumentů v kontextu tvorby autora v emigraci (1970–2014)
Eds: Alexander Peroutka, Frantisek Zachoval
Czech, Paperback
160 pages, 14,8 x 21cm, black & white
Berlin, January 2015
ISBN 978-39-817-0170-8
price: 14 EUR (+ extra postage)


Rudolf Valenta left socialist Czechoslovakia in 1970; renouncing
the environment that was his home and the nurturing place of his
profession. In the modern world, the phenomenon of mobility is
considered to be an important tool for unifying Europe, with greater
mobility being both initiated and supported. During the years
of Valenta’s exile and his artistic career in Germany (Berlin), Czech
society had transformed; with its integration into a unified Europe
and adoption of a new scale of values and beliefs. Czech cultural
history is an amalgam of instrumental references, which do not
pay adequate attention to creators residing abroad. For this reason,
this publication devotes more attention to studying the material of
those works which Rudolf Valenta created during his time in his
period of German residence.

Book order:
info(et)thekarte.org or editor(et)thekarte.org
ArtMap Bookstore

/Rudolf Valenta /Rekonstruktion /Sborník textů a dokumentů v kontextu tvorby autora v emigraci (1970-2014)

(EN)  An Anthology of Texts and Documents in the Context of Rudolf Valenta’s Work in Exile

After necessary delay the book is ready to print (only in Czech language). Coming soon!

/Till The Last Drop /Xenofilia /NTK Gallery in Prague

till the last drop

/opening of group exhibition XENOFILIA in NTK Gallery /Prague /3 Dec 2014 /6pm

/International Conference on EXILE at AVU in Prague /12 Nov 2014 /10am-6pm

The international conference EXILE probes the problematic of contemporary global/European mobility (global/European citizenship). The development of contemporary art is understood as a simultaneous process which is part of contemporary global geopolitical changes. The interdisciplinary conference connects authors representing their specialisms in the different geopolitical environments. Organizers follow this subject from the perspectives of visual art opened to new positions, interpretations, research, engagement and critique. The conference is structured into blocks of presentations facilitating a deeper focus into social movements as integration, (cultural) assimilation and dominance.

Presentations by: Giles Ji Ungpakorn (Oxford, political scientist and political activist); Zdeněk Uherek (Prague, ethnologist, social anthropologist); Stefan Tiron (Bucharest, art critic); Lars O Ericsson (Stockholm, art critic, philosopher and writer); Dror Feiler (Stockholm, artist, composer and activist); Avdej Ter-Oganjan (Prague, artist) and Adriana Kiss (art historian).

Organized by: Milan Mikuláštík, Alexander Peroutka a František Zachoval
Production: DigiLab AVU

Registration form: http://exile.avu.cz/


/Rudolf Valenta /Rekonstruction

installation TAT in the Czech Center Berlin

RV TAT installation

/video doc from our exhibition in Kreuzberg Pavillon /Berlin

/Till The Last Drop /Invisible Violence /Kreuzberg Pavillon /Berlin /11 Oct 2014

invisible violence / kreuzberg pavillon

/final invitation to CC Berlin


/upcoming group show “Innocent Violence” in Kreuzberg Pavillon in Berlin /Inv /11 Oct 2014

Innocent Violence

Invitation / Einladung

Sa. 11.10.2014, 20.00 Uhr / 8pm


Klas Eriksson
Nongkran Panmongkol
Alexander Peroutka

Klas Eriksson, Nagkran Panmongkol und Alexander Peroutka arbeiten mit sozialer Intervention. IhreArbeit wird von ihrem Aufenthalt bzw Leben in im geopolitischen Raum Schweden beeinflusst. Traditionell haben soziale und politische Ideen in Schweden eine eigene autonome Interpretation und Umsetzung. Die Gesellschaft scheint hier homogener zu sein und sich rund um ein allgemeines Einvernehmen zu organisieren. Diese Interventionen erwarten ein soziales Umfeld, das seine eigenen Limits aufweist, Grenzen, seine eigenen einzigartigen Erwartungen.

Klas Eriksson erforscht soziale Macht, Hierarchie, soziale Kontrolle und Gewalt innerhalb kultureller Vorstellung und den Einfluss von Pop-Kultur auf die Funktion der heutigen Gesellschaft. Seine Forschung verleiht seiner Installationen und Videos einen performativen Charakter.

Nongkran Panmogkol wurde in Thailand geboren und lebt in Stockholm. Sie arbeitet mit Vorstellungen von kulturellem Konflikt, kultureller Hegemonie und analysiert die Probleme, die durch die non stop Modernisierung der westlichen / globalen Gesellschaft, Grenzen der menschlichen Einwirkung und persönliche und gemeinschaftliche soziale Verantwortung.

Alexander Peroutka lebt und arbeitet in Prag und Stockholm. Seine Arbeit basiert auf der Erforschung der Logik kultureller und politischer Strukturen, die innerhalb jedes geo-politischen Raumes authentisch sind. Er schafft seinen eigenen kritischen Ansatz, der dreidimensional wird in Form von Installationen, die auf Dokumentationen, Datenbanken und sozialen Modellen basieren.


Klas Eriksson, Nongkran Panmongkol and Alexander Peroutka work with the idea of social intervention. Their work is influenced by their stay or life in the geopolitical space of Sweden. Social and political ideas in Sweden have traditionally their own autonomous interpretation and implementation. Here it seems the society is more homogeneous and is organized around common understanding. The focus of the presented work lies on artistic investigation into social realities limited by geopolitical space. These interventions expect a social environment that has its limits, borders and its own unique expectations.

Klas Eriksson is investigating social power, hierarchy, social control and violence in cultural imaginary and the impact of pop-culture on function of contemporary society. His investigations leads to a certain performative character of his installations and videos.

Nongkran Panmongkol was born in Thailand and lives in Stockholm. She is working with the ideas of cultural conflict, cultural hegemony while she is analyzing the problems that are created by non-stop modernization of western global society in terms of human interaction limits, personal and collective social responsibilities.

Alexander Peroutka is an artist from Prague and Stockholm. His work is based on investigations into a logic of cultural and political structures that are authentic in every geo-political area (geo-body). He creates his own critical approach that takes three-dimentional form of his installations. His installations are based on documentaries, databases and social models.

Naunynstrasse 53
Gartenstudio Berlin
10999 Berlin

Public transport / ÖPNV : U1 / U8 Kottbusser Tor



/one of Rudolf Valenta’s still standing public pieces

Obelisk, 1990 /Wilsnacker Straße 3-5, Berlin/
stainless steel, hight 24m

Rudolf Valenta Obelisk 1990

/Rudolf Valenta /Reconstruction

On Oct 23rd 2014 /19:00 – 21:00/ there is opening of Rudolf Valenta’s solo show in Czech Center Berlin (curated by František Zachoval and me, text in Czech/German)



/research on Rudof Valenta’s work and exile

  research visit of industrial city of Ostrava  –  search for remaining public works of Rudolf Valenta


/interview for ARTMargins /by František Zachoval /11 Nov 2013

The Observation In A Second Order >Alexander Peroutka<

ARTMargins /profile /Alexander Peroutka

/Reading Reality /Performance Festival – 3D Super Food /Ferdinand Baumann Gallery in Prague

public reading of segments of “The Communist Manifesto” that are still relevant for explanation of today’s social reality

reading reality

reading reality


/Strike? /installation in group exhibition – Blind Spot in NTK Gallery /Prague





/Invisible Economy /Gallery-Office ABC /Moscow /22-23 Sep 2012


Invisible Economy, Gallery-Office ABC

Invisible Economy, Gallery-Office ABC

Invisible Economy, Gallery-Office ABC

/invitation to the artist-run art space: Gallery-Office ABC in Moscow (Artplay)


Invisible Economy”

Hidden Economy, Invisible Economy, Backyard Economy, Spatial Economy, Underground Economy, Informal Economy, Economy of Resourcefulness, Black Economy,… Relational Economy


We are living in the world that seems to be defined mainly by the category of economy. We often hear that our living standards are declining; when we worry about the economy and its negative implications. Our belief in the future falters when economy is not doing well. Our democratic aspirations don’t matter anymore if they cannot create or support economic growth. When the general outlook of the economy is positive our future is positive, too.

Let’s see what this means. Are we strictly defined by economy? Our life is heavily dependent on our attitude to the interpretation of this word. But we don’t know what this interpretation is supposed to be. There are many ideas but there doesn’t seem to be the real thing that has a visible connection to our lives. The word ‘economy’ is like a magic and there are a few magicians who are telling us ‘impenetrable truth’.

But what may happen when we think for ourselves without listening to magicians/truth-interpreters?

Isn’t economy just about definition of our relations? Does it tell us how we are seen as members of a greater society? Does it tell us what we should to do for others and what they should do for us? One word but its interpretation may have many consequences. It can be suggested that the interpretation of this word defines the way we are seen, we are heard, we are known and the way we hear, we see, we know, we learn etc.

In this exhibition we are going to test rules of economy and the implications it is supposed to carry. We are approaching the impenetrable category of economy with all the tools available to us.


Gallery-Office ABC

/Collective Errors by Artycok.tv

/Game Over /Performance Festival – Seed of Goodness /Ferdinand Baumann Gallery inPrague

 performance at the performance festival "Seed of Goodness", Praha

(foto by Daniel Vlček)


Dear folk!!

I have only a few things to speak of…

Firstly, I would like to thank all you for your presence. It is not a time when participation in public events is easily done thing, particularly when your private time may be spent in so many other ways. It is a time when we are living from one day to the next, and assessing the activities we partake in from the point of view of maximum possible return for the investment of our time.

There is no more time that we can take from our personal business. The future of our social-political system is not clear yet, but we all know, what the values that we were serving in the past were. Maybe we don’t know everything, but with a bit of luck, we might know more in the near future.

These values are not the values we have chosen, but these values were given to us under the disguise of forced necessity. It is the results of such necessities that we may realize today, and now is the time to uncover these hidden truths. Today is the time to look back and see the fruits of our past actions. Have we been in full control of our lives, or was it someone or something else? Who is deciding what? How far can we understand and identify the consequences of our actions?

Why have we been introduced into other realities, which have forced us to believe and participate in things that we have no respect for?

We have lived through different beliefs and environments of different norms, prospects, values and futures.
I thank this country for fulfilling my basic human rights.
I thank it for giving me the free education as long as I wanted to study and the free access to health services whenever I needed it.

But it is exactly these pleasant social gifts which are in question now. There is no trust in free public services any more, and they are distributed more unequally today than ever before. There exist citizens of our society who are more equal than we are. They demand that we have enough passion and for us to be ready for any service that will keep the current “status quo” functioning – it has become our duty to serve. We are unknowing servicemen chained to perform at any time and carry out any duty.

But now we want to bring an end to all of this, to say ‘stop!’. We have realized that we didn’t act with the full knowledge of what we were serving for! We have realized the hidden truth, which before was masked and invisible to us.

So take back the honor of our acts of false duties! I can’t take the time back, but I can return these devalued pieces of metal!

There were different forms of duty in different times, for different social systems. All of these values are set to become only memory one day and they are easily replaced. So there is no special individual necessity to remember, but what we cannot forget is that it was not through our own free will that we have been living! We have hurt others in the name of cold, impersonal Powers!

So take it back again!

I have been in the service of values that people no longer believe also, and I am giving these memories back to the anonymous space. This space may be free one day and will be accessible to everyone. But these little pieces of forgotten value never need be evaluated again. These are formed from the same materials as coins – money that we receive to do our jobs – an entity that we didn’t understand properly and that made us slave to tasks that we never wished to do.

These jobs were done with our belief that we serve a just cause. But what has happenned? Finally we can see that the promises made to us were different from reality as it stands today. We have been given the chance to see where we really stand and what it is that we really do.

We will have no more of such values that are hidden from our comprehension. No more values that will be replaced soon after. No more misunderstanding and no more cheap coins that defy our honor.

No more values that will keep our eyes closed and our ears deaf.

I do not accept the service that changes its logic over time, and that hides its purpose from public sight. I champion transparency!

Here I want to finish and let you to decide on your own if there is any future for common peoples’ reasoning or if there are just distinct individual wants and needs and Powers to listen to.

I want you to decide if there is any future possible for us when it looks as though there is no future for that benefits everyone; only a future that benefits the few.

Thank you for your listening!


(Lexa Peroutka)


2012 performance festival in fbgallery in prague

/Collective Errors /Candyland Gallery in Stockholm


Installation av Alexander Peroutka (CZE /Tjeckien)


10 februari 17-22

02 10 – 02 26

Den tjeckiske konstnäre Alexander Peroutkas fontän med skräp i och videofilm med intervjuer på offentliga platser, vill väcka frågor kring en alltmer krympande rörelsefrihet.

The water basin installation occupying the gallery room represents an approximately neutral public place. It is a place where the various remnants of our one or more days´ valued things meet. However, even though the room is public, it doesn’t even mean that it is available to all. There is no sense of permanency, and all is subject to flux and change.

Public spaces are in a constant state of flux and are currently shrinking in favour of entrepreneurship and competition for business growth worldwide.

So, although public places seem to be in the public domain, they have in fact often already been sold off, leaving people isolated in an ever-diminishing realm of connectivity.

The litter and remains of our small private joys, and the results of hidden market mechanism are circulating inside the pool, switching places in reflection of the material
metamorphic cycles evident within urbanized spaces.

The basin is there to remind us of that which we value and is there to be compared to the personal interviews being presented on loop in the next room of the gallery.


Collective Errors, video interviews, Gallery Candyland, Sthlm from lxu on Vimeo.

/Printmaking /Tartu /Estonia /2012

„How to conduct critical dialogue“ – lecture and presentation, performance

Lecture about the ways artist (art) can participate in processes of society change and obstructions to it.
Art as tool to democracy? (South East Asia)
Limits of artistic freedom – paradoxes of engaged art practices, question of ethics, visuality, political adherence and institutionalization.
Market ideology, Internet society and problems of cooperation, communication, organization, identity.

Screening (presentation) of several works by artists challenging power institutions, public discourses or dealing with community problems:

actions of Voina art group and its paradoxes versus other Russian engaged art collectives and civic movements

Nongkran Panmongkol: EUBeef (performance), Status Up (video)
Keiko Sei and her application of artistic knowledge in community struggle for democracy and common rights

Victor Marx – temporary architecture, squatting in Sweden (Kulturkampanjen, Ultra Huset) in relation to artistic engagement in consensus society

Symbols of Power from Tallin

/Kritické umění /disertace na FaVU v Brně /2011


/Tamara Moyzes & Shlomo Yaffe /Welcome to Prague /Czech Center Stockholm

Welcome to Prague, 2010 CC Stockholm from lxu on Vimeo.

Tamara Moyzes, Shlomo Yaffe: Welcome to Prague [CC Stockholm]

/Groupe Guma Guar /The Wings of Your Nation /Czech Center Stockholm

The Wings of Your Nation, 2010 CC Stockholm from lxu on Vimeo.

GGG: The Wings of Your Nation [CC Stockholm]