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/Pals Play Tag! Part Two: Czechia-Sweden /update

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Pals Play Tag! Part Two: Czechia-Sweden

Date: 31 Oct 2015 18:00-24:00

Place: Fylkingen, Stockholm

Adress: Torkel Knutssonsgatan 2, Stockholm

Multinational performance art evening at Fylkingen!

A collaborative exchange project between PALS-performance art links from Stockholm and Ferdinand Baumann Gallery from Prague. This is a first attempt to connect these two distant performance art scenes. Both participating art organizations have several years of history and they represent the young emerging performance art scene in their own domestic and international context. Their first exchange took place during “Hunger“ performance festival from 22 to 23 May in Prague this year. The second stage in Stockholm is part of a series of new international exchanges of performance art organized by PALS with other art initiatives abroad (a previous event was held at Fylkingen this year; Pals Play Tag Part One: Poland-Sweden).

Participating artists:

Milan Kohout (Prague)

Barbora Šimková (Prague)

Vladimír Turner (Prague)

Karíma Al-Mukhtarová (Prague)

Darina Alster (Prague)

Gaby Billa-Günther (Berlin)

Louise Dahl-Lindvall (Stockholm)

Henrik Ekesiöö (Stockholm)

Nongkran Pangmogkol (Stockholm)

Curators: Erik Wijkström, Darina Alster, Alexander Peroutka

FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/620080731465852

Prtesented by:

Ferdinand Baumann Gallery

PALS – Performance art links



The Czech Center Stockholm


pals and cc

/Fylkingen /31 Oct 2015

Coming soon!!

Pals from Stockholm (www.palsfestival.se) and Ferdinand Baumann Gallery in Prague (www.fbgallery.cz) with the help of The Czech Center Stockholm (http://stockholm.czechcentres.cz/) organize Czech-Swedish performance event at Fylkingen in Stockholm (www.fylkingen.se).

Czech participation:

Milan Kohout
(www.mobius.org/milan-kohout), (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjX5QDx97uF0M6Q3gSvGYAg),
(Radical Jesters, 2008)

Vladimír Turner

Barbora Šimková

Karíma Al-Mukhtarová

Darina Alster

Gaby Billa-Günther (Berlin)

Swedish participation:

Louise Dahl-Lindvall

Henrik Ekesiöö


Nongkran Panmogkol

(www.flickr.com/photos/candylandgallery/albums/72157631045117120), (FBGallery/2011/EU-Beef)


Curators: Erik Wijkström, Darina Alster, Lexa Peroutka

/Hunger /Hlad Performance Festival in Prague /Inv /22 May-23 May 2015

Hunger / Hlad Poster


Swedish participation /23 May 2015/

For approximately a year, I have contemplated the idea of bridging two distant and unconnected art performance scenes – scenes that are primarily disconnected for geographical and chronological reasons. The Hunger festival in Prague is the first here to establish communication and exchange between such scenes. Both are of a smaller size and play their roles within the broader fine art scene based on their geographical spheres of influence. The performance scene in Stockholm is now represented by several contemporary art performance venues (Live Action in Gothenburg, Palsfestival in Stockholm and Friktioner International Performance Art Festival in Uppsala), with all having started pretty recently. Palsfestival in Stockholm was formed in 2012 and is our primary partner.

Performance depends on many environmental, social, economical and political aspect of the place where it is applied – so the differences between the scenes can be as much as the difference of the entire social and cultural fabric that each society is built from – so I like to mention geo-body (hammered down by Thongchai Winichakul) – the entirety of the elements that form contemporary country boundaries.

… Unless There Is a Scandal  (45min)

(Collective presentation/talk – Success Story, Scandal and What Is Left – Contemporary Art in Stockholm – Nongkran Panmongkol, Erik Wijkström, Henrik Ekesiöö, Alexander Peroutka)

Erik Wijkström

Please Feed Artist  (90min)

This performance is concrete realization of a situation in which we usually function – that is we operate throughout our existence within given frames that are often created by other people. Our survival is based on cooperation.

Henrik Ekesiöö

Fantasies of a 10 Year Old  (20min)

Henrik Ekesiöö is performing what a 10 year old boy said he would do to him. The threats were made like a game, a game made to shock the opponent, and if there is no reaction you have to come up with something more brutal. Reality and its upper layers has shifted, it seems the real world is not far from our dreams.

Nongkran Panmongkol

Cleaning Job  (10min)

Hunger in developed society is consumption. If you are hungry or not you will always be a consumer. In parts of the world things are produced, and in other parts things are consumed. The origin of consumables can be traced and then we can complete the picture of the world we are living in.

Romano Krzych  (30min)

The real ethnic French cultural underground is represented by Romano Krzych, who appears to have been living in Prague for several years. His performances use the disturbing language of noise in a very clear, radical and almost harming way.

“Nowadays even the idea of real-life results from a subtraction. Same for appetite: so much to eat and such a lake of hungriness. Misery is a threat but discipline of poverty let open a door. Consequently I try to cultivate some healthy disappointment.”



Jeseniova 60, Prague 3

on Sat 23 May 2015

19.00 – 20.20 Erik Wijkström
19.10 – 19.25 Nongkran Panmongkol
19.30 – 19.50 Henrik Ekesiöö
19.55 – 20.15 Romano Krzych
20.20 – 21.00 …Unless There is a Scandal – collective presentation/discussion – contemporary art in Stockholm


hunger performance festival /fb event





rkz1.blogspot.cz /rogomichkin.blogspot.cz

klinika autonomous social center


/Reading Reality /Performance Festival – 3D Super Food /Ferdinand Baumann Gallery in Prague

public reading of segments of “The Communist Manifesto” that are still relevant for explanation of today’s social reality

reading reality

reading reality


/Game Over /Performance Festival – Seed of Goodness /Ferdinand Baumann Gallery inPrague

 performance at the performance festival "Seed of Goodness", Praha

(foto by Daniel Vlček)


Dear folk!!

I have only a few things to speak of…

Firstly, I would like to thank all you for your presence. It is not a time when participation in public events is easily done thing, particularly when your private time may be spent in so many other ways. It is a time when we are living from one day to the next, and assessing the activities we partake in from the point of view of maximum possible return for the investment of our time.

There is no more time that we can take from our personal business. The future of our social-political system is not clear yet, but we all know, what the values that we were serving in the past were. Maybe we don’t know everything, but with a bit of luck, we might know more in the near future.

These values are not the values we have chosen, but these values were given to us under the disguise of forced necessity. It is the results of such necessities that we may realize today, and now is the time to uncover these hidden truths. Today is the time to look back and see the fruits of our past actions. Have we been in full control of our lives, or was it someone or something else? Who is deciding what? How far can we understand and identify the consequences of our actions?

Why have we been introduced into other realities, which have forced us to believe and participate in things that we have no respect for?

We have lived through different beliefs and environments of different norms, prospects, values and futures.
I thank this country for fulfilling my basic human rights.
I thank it for giving me the free education as long as I wanted to study and the free access to health services whenever I needed it.

But it is exactly these pleasant social gifts which are in question now. There is no trust in free public services any more, and they are distributed more unequally today than ever before. There exist citizens of our society who are more equal than we are. They demand that we have enough passion and for us to be ready for any service that will keep the current “status quo” functioning – it has become our duty to serve. We are unknowing servicemen chained to perform at any time and carry out any duty.

But now we want to bring an end to all of this, to say ‘stop!’. We have realized that we didn’t act with the full knowledge of what we were serving for! We have realized the hidden truth, which before was masked and invisible to us.

So take back the honor of our acts of false duties! I can’t take the time back, but I can return these devalued pieces of metal!

There were different forms of duty in different times, for different social systems. All of these values are set to become only memory one day and they are easily replaced. So there is no special individual necessity to remember, but what we cannot forget is that it was not through our own free will that we have been living! We have hurt others in the name of cold, impersonal Powers!

So take it back again!

I have been in the service of values that people no longer believe also, and I am giving these memories back to the anonymous space. This space may be free one day and will be accessible to everyone. But these little pieces of forgotten value never need be evaluated again. These are formed from the same materials as coins – money that we receive to do our jobs – an entity that we didn’t understand properly and that made us slave to tasks that we never wished to do.

These jobs were done with our belief that we serve a just cause. But what has happenned? Finally we can see that the promises made to us were different from reality as it stands today. We have been given the chance to see where we really stand and what it is that we really do.

We will have no more of such values that are hidden from our comprehension. No more values that will be replaced soon after. No more misunderstanding and no more cheap coins that defy our honor.

No more values that will keep our eyes closed and our ears deaf.

I do not accept the service that changes its logic over time, and that hides its purpose from public sight. I champion transparency!

Here I want to finish and let you to decide on your own if there is any future for common peoples’ reasoning or if there are just distinct individual wants and needs and Powers to listen to.

I want you to decide if there is any future possible for us when it looks as though there is no future for that benefits everyone; only a future that benefits the few.

Thank you for your listening!


(Lexa Peroutka)


2012 performance festival in fbgallery in prague