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/Printmaking /Tartu /Estonia /2012

„How to conduct critical dialogue“ – lecture and presentation, performance

Lecture about the ways artist (art) can participate in processes of society change and obstructions to it.
Art as tool to democracy? (South East Asia)
Limits of artistic freedom – paradoxes of engaged art practices, question of ethics, visuality, political adherence and institutionalization.
Market ideology, Internet society and problems of cooperation, communication, organization, identity.

Screening (presentation) of several works by artists challenging power institutions, public discourses or dealing with community problems:

actions of Voina art group and its paradoxes versus other Russian engaged art collectives and civic movements

Nongkran Panmongkol: EUBeef (performance), Status Up (video)
Keiko Sei and her application of artistic knowledge in community struggle for democracy and common rights

Victor Marx – temporary architecture, squatting in Sweden (Kulturkampanjen, Ultra Huset) in relation to artistic engagement in consensus society

Symbols of Power from Tallin