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/Till The Last Drop /Xenofilia /NTK Gallery in Prague

till the last drop

/opening of group exhibition XENOFILIA in NTK Gallery /Prague /3 Dec 2014 /6pm

/International Conference on EXILE at AVU in Prague /12 Nov 2014 /10am-6pm

The international conference EXILE probes the problematic of contemporary global/European mobility (global/European citizenship). The development of contemporary art is understood as a simultaneous process which is part of contemporary global geopolitical changes. The interdisciplinary conference connects authors representing their specialisms in the different geopolitical environments. Organizers follow this subject from the perspectives of visual art opened to new positions, interpretations, research, engagement and critique. The conference is structured into blocks of presentations facilitating a deeper focus into social movements as integration, (cultural) assimilation and dominance.

Presentations by: Giles Ji Ungpakorn (Oxford, political scientist and political activist); Zdeněk Uherek (Prague, ethnologist, social anthropologist); Stefan Tiron (Bucharest, art critic); Lars O Ericsson (Stockholm, art critic, philosopher and writer); Dror Feiler (Stockholm, artist, composer and activist); Avdej Ter-Oganjan (Prague, artist) and Adriana Kiss (art historian).

Organized by: Milan Mikuláštík, Alexander Peroutka a František Zachoval
Production: DigiLab AVU

Registration form: http://exile.avu.cz/


/Strike? /installation in group exhibition – Blind Spot in NTK Gallery /Prague





/Groupe Guma Guar /The Wings of Your Nation /Czech Center Stockholm

The Wings of Your Nation, 2010 CC Stockholm from lxu on Vimeo.

GGG: The Wings of Your Nation [CC Stockholm]