/invitation to the artist-run art space: Gallery-Office ABC in Moscow (Artplay)


Invisible Economy”

Hidden Economy, Invisible Economy, Backyard Economy, Spatial Economy, Underground Economy, Informal Economy, Economy of Resourcefulness, Black Economy,… Relational Economy


We are living in the world that seems to be defined mainly by the category of economy. We often hear that our living standards are declining; when we worry about the economy and its negative implications. Our belief in the future falters when economy is not doing well. Our democratic aspirations don’t matter anymore if they cannot create or support economic growth. When the general outlook of the economy is positive our future is positive, too.

Let’s see what this means. Are we strictly defined by economy? Our life is heavily dependent on our attitude to the interpretation of this word. But we don’t know what this interpretation is supposed to be. There are many ideas but there doesn’t seem to be the real thing that has a visible connection to our lives. The word ‘economy’ is like a magic and there are a few magicians who are telling us ‘impenetrable truth’.

But what may happen when we think for ourselves without listening to magicians/truth-interpreters?

Isn’t economy just about definition of our relations? Does it tell us how we are seen as members of a greater society? Does it tell us what we should to do for others and what they should do for us? One word but its interpretation may have many consequences. It can be suggested that the interpretation of this word defines the way we are seen, we are heard, we are known and the way we hear, we see, we know, we learn etc.

In this exhibition we are going to test rules of economy and the implications it is supposed to carry. We are approaching the impenetrable category of economy with all the tools available to us.


Gallery-Office ABC